You may have a desk full of sticky notes with reminders to call or follow up with a variety of people. With Weave’s Follow-Up feature, you can get reminders to call or text patients at a later date/time.

Tip: No matter who enters the Follow-Up Reminder, the notification will populate across the entire organization so that even if one person is out, others in the office will be able to see it.

To create a Follow-Up

  1. Select the Blue_Lists.svg Lists feature

  2. Click on Clock.svg Follow-Ups

  3. Select the blue Plus.svg in the upper right corner

  4. Click User.svg Select Patient, and choose the desired patient

  5. Select Contact Method, and select either Phone.svg Call, Email.svg Email, or Chat.svg Text

  6. Click the Phone Number
  7. Add the time and date you want the Follow-Up

  8. Enter the message you want to send in the text box

  9. Select Save

Follow-Up notifications

You can click to View the patient information or to take Action on the Follow-Up

Take action on your Follow-Up with these options:

  • Snooze - temporarily dismiss the reminder
  • Edit - make a change to your Follow-Up
  • Delete - if you no longer need to send the reminder
  • Click Send or Call to take action on your reminder
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