The profile view in your Weave software provides a quick view of key details about your customers, clients/pets, or patients.

Tip: When synced with your Weave phone, you can easily pull up the customer profile on incoming calls. See the Call Pop article for more information.

From the profile page, you have shortcuts and tools to:

What is displayed in your software depends on your practice management software. Your software may display:

  • Customers
  • Clients (and Pets)
  • Patients

Select the appropriate tab below to learn more.

Customers Clients/Pets Patients


You can add your customers to Weave either through a CSV Upload or by creating Custom Contacts.

Once your customers are added to Weave, you can view them in your Customers List.

On each customer page, you can:

  • Phone.svg Call
  • Message.svg Send a text
  • Email.svg Send an email
  • QuickFill.svg Add to a quick fill list
  • Pay.svg Send a payment request
  • Edit.svg View or add notes
  • Alert.svg Create follow up reminders
  • Hamburger_Menu.svg View Communication history

If an option is greyed out it is unavailable for that customer, For example, the Message.svg Message icon may be greyed out because the person opted out or they do not have a number capable of receiving SMS messages. You can only change information (including profile pictures) on custom contacts in the Weave software. 

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