The Morning Huddle dashboard provides information on how your office is doing for the day and calls out action items, making sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

This is an add on feature and may not be a part of your current Weave software. This feature is currently only available for customers who use Open Dental, Dentrix, or Eaglesoft.

Click here to learn more about getting Practice Analytics for your office.

Accessing the Morning Huddle dashboard

1. Access your Morning Huddle dashboard by logging into your Admin Portal

2. Go to Morning Huddle and select Dashboard

3.From here, you can change the report date to any day within the past seven days


Once in your Morning Huddle dashboard, you will see three metrics,

  • Production Month to Date
  • Yesterday’s Production
  • Scheduled Production

Let's look at each of these in more detail! 

Metric 1: Production Month to Date

This metric shows you the dollar amount of production based on completed procedures and scheduled procedures for the current month. You can also see how the practice is doing this month compared to the same time during the previous month.

Note: The numbers will not change throughout the day. If you schedule additional production or canceled production, these changes will reflect in the next morning's report.


Metric 2: Yesterday's Production

Yesterday’s production will give you a shot of your previous day, including scheduled production vs. completed production, how many patients were seen, and the average production amount per patient visit.

You also can see where the production came from and areas where your practice can improve. Use the Production Type overview to create action items for your office, such as outreach to patients who are unscheduled or might have canceled an appointment without scheduling back.


Note: The Production Types are not actionable with the Morning Huddle Dashboard. You will need to go to Practice Analytics within the Weave App to take action.


Metric 3: Scheduled Production

This metric will show you the dollar amount of production scheduled for the next week in green. The blue dotted line will show you the practice's average production for the last 30 days.

Use this metric to find days where you might have a dip in production and have your staff focus on filling that day with past due and unscheduled patients.


Morning Huddle Settings

Receive a daily Morning Huddle report in your email each morning to use in your standup meetings with your team by entering the email addresses you want to receive the daily report in your Morning Huddle Settings

To adjust your settings for Morning Huddle:

1. Select Settings in your Morning Huddle dropdown menu

2. Enter the email address you want to receive the daily Morning Huddle Report and click Add

3. Additional email addresses may be added, and or removed as desired


Morning Huddle Daily Report

Here’s an example of what your daily Morning Huddle Report would look like. This will be delivered to your email inbox at the beginning of each morning.

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