There is a lot of information available to you in Weave Practice Analytics, so let's break down what each section is and how it is defined. 

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Active Patients

Patients are defined as Active Patients when they:

  1. Are marked Active in your practice management software

  2. Have completed an appointment in the last 18 months

Note: Active Patients will increase as you bring new patients into your practice or as you reschedule and see patients that haven’t been in the office in the last 18 months. Active patients will decrease as you mark patients as “Inactive, Archived, Deceased, etc” in you practice management software or if patients fall into the category of not being seen in 18 months.


Active Patients Scheduled 

Active Patients Scheduled is the percentage of your Active Patients that have a future appointment scheduled.

  • Benchmark percentages are based on other Weave offices.
  • Offices attaining 85%+ scheduled percentage will see faster practice growth and less patient attrition.

Tip: The appointment type or procedure code that is attached the appointment will not impact your scheduled percentage.


Here's how to increase your Scheduled Percentage:

  1. Turn Recall Reminders and Appointment Reminders on in Weave

  2. Schedule all patients before they leave the office

  3. Find unscheduled patients in New Patients, Hygiene Reappointment, Restorative Treatment Plan, Hygiene Treatment Plans, and Cancelations in each metric's drill-downs (see visual below) 


There are three important terms in this section:

  1. Recaptured - patients not seen today but rescheduled by phone, text, or email through the efforts of your front desk and Weave
  2. Recaptured Production - Production dollars scheduled based on procedure codes that were attached to the future appointment and your fee schedule, this is not an estimate
  3. Lead Time - How far out your front office is scheduling patients (The average time between when each patient was scheduled and their appointment date)

New Patients

There are three important terms in this section:
  1. New Patients - patients that have not received any prior services from your office. A person is considered a new patient after their first appointment has been completed.
  2. Completed Production - production that was completed from new patient's first appointment.
  3. New Patients Unschedule - Number of your new patients that have not rescheduled a future appointment.

Hygiene Reappointment

The hygiene reappointment percentage is the patients seen in hygiene during the period and scheduled their next hygiene appointment that same day. Benchmark percentages are based on other Weave offices.

Hygiene Patients Seen - appointments with the following procedure attached:

      • D1110 - Adult Prophy
      • D1120 - Child Prophy
      • D4341 - SRP 4+Teeth
      • D4342-SRP 1-3 Teeth
      • D4910 - Perio Maintenance

Not Yet Rescheduled - Patients seen in hygiene and have not yet scheduled their next hygiene appointment.

Note: We classify hygiene appointments based on the ADA procedure codes attached on the appointments. If your office is not attaching procedure codes to the future appointment, we will not be able to say if that patient was rescheduled specifically for a hygiene appointment and it may show up as 0%. Be sure to attach those procedure codes!


Restorative and Hygiene Treatment Plan

Restorative Treatment Plan Hygiene Treatment Plan

This section looks at patients diagnosed and ADA procedure codes that do not include:

  • Diagnostic Procedures
  • Preventative Procedures
  • Non-Clinical Procedures
  • Periodontal Procedures


This section is focused on patients diagnosed with hygiene ADA procedure codes including:

  • Fluoride
  • Sealants
  • Whitening
  • Scaling and root planing
  • Scaling and debridement
  • Gingival irrigation


In both these sections, the following 5 definitions are important to consider:

1. Patients Diagnosed % - The number of patients diagnosed with restorative treatment during an exam divided by the number of patients who completed an exam in the same period

2. Patients Diagnosed - The number of patients diagnosed with restorative treatment in the period

3. Patients Accepted % - The number of patients that accepted (scheduled or completed) restorative treatment divided by the number of patients diagnosed in the designated period

Tip: If a patient was diagnosed with multiple procedures and scheduled/completed at least one of those procedures, the patient would count as an accepted patient.

4. Patients Accepted - The number of patients that accepted (scheduled or completed) restorative treatment in the period

5. Unscheduled Treatment - the total of all unscheduled restorative procedures from diagnosed patients in the period


Ensure that you are following your Practice Management Software’s guide to canceling appointments. Benchmark percentages are based on other Weave offices.

There are 3 key definitions for Cancellations:

1. Cancelled Patients - Patients that cancel or do not show up to the appointment

2. Remaining Unscheduled - The patients that have not yet rescheduled their appointment

3. Unscheduled Opportunity - The production dollars available from patients that have not rescheduled

Tip: This amount is calculated based on the procedure codes attached to the appointment and your fee schedule when the appointment was broken. This is not an estimate.

When an appointment is canceled and you break the appointment, Weave logs the procedure codes that were on the broken appointment. A patient's appointment is considered rescheduled when at least one of the procedure codes on the broken appointment is rescheduled in the future.

Cancellations and Open Dental

Note: If your office is using Open Dental, you must follow Open Dental's process for canceling an appointment.

Ensure your office is breaking the Appointment and not deleting the appointment when a patient cancels. Cancellations in Weave are based on the ADA procedure codes being attached to the canceled appointment (D9986-Missed and D9987-Cancelled). You can do this manually, but we recommend automating the ADA code being attached when you break the appointment.

You can do this by ensuring the Broken Appointment Procedure Types in Open Dental are turned to both inside the Appointment Module Preferences.

Find more information with these Open Dental resources:

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