There may be times that you will need to reboot your network. If you have been away from the office for an extended period of time we recommend a network reboot.

Complete a network reboot

Note: We highly recommend that you work with your IT to find where the Network Devices listed below are found in your office. It is important that you follow these steps in the order they are listed.

1. Start with unplugging your Modem first, leave unplugged

2. Unplug the Router, leave unplugged

3. Move to any Switches you may have and unplug all of them as well, leave unplugged

4. Unplug all of your phones from power, leave unplugged

5. Plug the Modem back in

Note: Please make sure to let the modem finalize boot up process before continuing to the next step.

6. Plug in the Router, make sure to let the router completely boots up before continuing on to the next step

7. Once the Router has booted up, turn on any Switches

8. Plug in all of the phones

Tip: It is a best practice to let each device finalize the bootup process. After the modem, router, and switch have finalized their individual boot-up processes, you can proceed with powering up the other network devices.

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