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This guide details the configuration for SonicWALL routers. 


Use these resources to get started:

  1. VolP Implementation Guide
  2. Traffic Shaping/QoS for VolP
  3. SonicWall Bandwidth Management (BWM)

Recommended Configuration Changes

  • Verify that WAN Interface is receiving a public IP Address
  • In the VolP Section > Settings > General Settings > Check the box for Enable Consistent NAT
  • Ensure the SonicWall has enough resources to perform Deep Packet Inspection if you are going to use it, or disable DPI for voice traffic
  • Disable SIP ALG
  • In the Security Service Section > Intrusion Prevention tab > uncheck the Prevent ALL checkbox for low priority attacks (known to cause voice quality issues)
  • You will need to build an Outbound firewall rule for Weave Traffic using our FQDN that will be provided during onboarding
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