Having trouble with the fax feature? Try some common troubleshooting steps. 

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

If you would like to port existing integrated fax lines, contact support

Uploading Files to Send a Fax

To upload correctly to Weave, your fax file must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be in PDF, JPG, or PNG format
  • A page size of 8.5 x 11 inches will achieve the best results
  • Must be in the portrait orientation 
  • It must be under 25 MB (megabytes)

Tip: If you need help converting your fax to PDF format click here.

Fax Delivery Issues

If a fax fails to deliver for any reason, call the fax number to see if it's really a fax number. Once you verify it is a fax number, you can see the reason why the fax didn't send. 

Check the status of a sent fax:

  1. From the desktop app, click on the Blue_Fax.svg Fax icon
  2. Select the Sent tab at the top of the page
  3. Find the fax that you want to check the status
  4. If it says Failed in red, click on Failed to see the reason for the delivery failure
  5. To resend the fax, click on the Update.svg retry button

Here are some errors you may encounter and what they mean:

  • receiver_communication_error, code 3301: The fax won't send - the receiving fax line is busy. You'll need to try again later.
  • fax_signaling_error: Make sure the receiver has ECM (error correction mode) turned on and try again. If it still does not work, contact support
  • user_busy: The recipient's fax machine is currently doing another task. Try again later.
  • receiver_call_dropped: The receiver dropped the incoming fax and did not successfully receive the message.
  • receiver_no_answer: The recipient's fax machine did not answer. Try again later.

Test Inbound Faxes

If you want to ensure you can properly receive inbound faxes, run a test by going to Faxzero.com. FaxZero is a free EFAX service that lets you test inbound faxes.

Fax Icon Not Displaying in Desktop App

If the Fax icon is not displaying in your desktop app, it could be for a few reasons. These are the top reasons:

  1. Premium Feature - Your office might not be signed up for this feature. This feature is part of our premium packages for Weave Core and Weave Plus.
  2. Porting - The Fax icon will only appear once your fax number has fully ported over to Weave. If your fax number has not yet been ported over to Weave, the Fax icon will not yet appear in your desktop app. 

If you have signed up for Premium Features and your fax number is ported over to Weave, contact your Onboarding Representative or Customer Support if your Fax icon is still not applying in the desktop app. 

Fax Machine Not Working

Once you port your fax number over to Weave, you will no longer use your traditional fax machine. All faxes will be sent and received digitally through your Weave Desktop App. You can also quickly send faxes from your mobile app. 

If your fax number has not yet been ported over to Weave, or you do not plan on porting your fax number over to Weave, check with your current fax service provider if you are experiencing issues with your fax machine. 

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