Use Text Connect

Weave Text Connect feature is a widget that can be installed on your website that allows customers to connect with you and start a text conversation. 

This feature is an add on feature. Check with your admin to verify it is a part of your package.

How text connect works

  1. Your customer can engage with our widget installed on your website

  2. From here they can choose to schedule an appointment or start a text conversation

  3. The customer automatically receives an automated text response from your office letting them know you will get back to them as soon as you can

  4. Your office receives the incoming message just like a regular text message
  5. You will receive a pop up notification and a notification on your Messages App
  6. The messages will appear at the top of your messages feed

  7. The sender’s name will be attached to the end of their text so that you can respond to your prospect by name
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