Change Logo & Contact Info for Email Marketing Campaigns

Your email settings allow you to upload or change your company logo and business contact information.

Some things to know: 

  • A logo image will resize to a height of 100px. There is no set limit for logo width. The photo will resize best if your image is a height of 200-300px. The image will be shrunk down to 100px tall but will look nice and clear in the campaigns that are sent out.
  • Acceptable formats for all images are .jpg, .png, .img and .jpeg. PDF files are not supported.

To make these changes:

  1. In the Weave Portal, go to the Marketing tab on the left and select Settings at the top of the page  

  2. Drag and drop a company logo if desired

  3. Add or edit your business address and contact number as needed

  4. Select Save Changes

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