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A phone tree is an automated telephone information system that speaks to the caller with a combination of fixed-voice menus in real time.

You must have the user role of Admin to edit phone trees.

Note: Phone trees are also called: call tree, auto-attendant, or IVR (interactive voice response)

These calls can be routed to an internal extension # or to an external 10-digit phone number. Phone trees are commonly used for "after hour" messages. This allows you to prompt the customer to press a key to be forwarded to a mail box, personal extension, or directly to the on-call doctor’s phone number.


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Managing Your Phone Tree

In order to create a new phone tree, contact Weave support.

    1. In the Weave Portal, select the Phone.svg Phone and then Phone Tree
    2. Select the Phone Tree you would like to manage
    3. Under Phone Tree Greeting, select from the dropdown menu to change to a file in your media library
    4. Select add greeting to create a new greeting
    5. You can dial *86 on your device to record a new message and then refresh the page or upload a file from your computer
    6. To begin setting up your phone tree, select Add Dial Number. Use the drop-down that appears to choose the number that clients will select for the call. 
    7. Customize the phone tree by using theCarrot_Down.svgdropdown menus to specify what each dial should do:

      • Call Group: Rings to a specific Call Group

      • Play Message: Plays a pre-recorded message from the media library (ex. office hours)

      • Forward to Device: Sends caller to a specific device (Weave Phone)

      • Forwarding Number: Sends caller to an external phone number

      • Voicemail Message: Sends caller to a determined Voicemail Box and Greeting (select Skip Greeting to go straight to voicemail box)

      • Not Configured: Disables the dial option

    8. Add Fallback Options to make sure all of your phone calls are answered. 
    9. If you need to remove an instruction, click the X found on the far right of the screen

Note: Once Voicemail option is chosen, there can be no more Fallback Options after it. If you add Voicemail in the middle of your Fallback Options, all options after will be deleted.

When you have finished with your edits, select save changes

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