You can now customize and select your own hold music or upload a custom marketing message for your office! You are now able to manage your hold music through your Weave Portal.

How to customize hold music

  1. Log into the Weave Portal

  2.  Select Phone.svg Phone from the left navigation bar

  3. Select Hold Music from the dropdown menu
  4. You can choose Weave default hold music, record a hold greeting, or you can choose from the recordings already saved in your Weave Portal
  5. If wanting custom hold music, within the Custom section click the dropdown in the Select Custom Hold Music box
  6. Click Add Media File
  7. Select Upload New OR you can drag and drop from your desktop.

    Tip: To convert your file to a WAV format, click here.

Admins at Unify locations can change the hold music for each office within the individual locations in Weave Portal.

Note: If the music isn't playing, try clearing cache or cookies and reload the page. Call support if you experience more issues.

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