Need to rename a device or change your voicemail box preferences? Device Settings allows you to seamlessly manage and customize your phones all from one convenient location in the Weave portal.

Accessing device settings

  1. Select the Hamburger_Menu.svg

  2. Menu icon in the upper right hand corner

  3. Click on User.svg Admin Portal

  4. Select Phone.svg Phone and then Devices

  5. Click on Edit Device next to the phone that needs adjustments

Registration Status

View each device’s MAC Address, Make, and Registration Status. If the status is showing as ‘Not Registered’, try the following:

  1. Select the Alert.svg Exclamation Mark Icon on the right side of the screen

  2. Follow the Registration Troubleshooting steps until the status is marked as Registered

Device Name

To update the device name as well as the internal ID name, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Devices page, click the Edit__Simple_.svg Edit icon next to the name of the device you would like to change

  2. Type in the new name

  3. Click Save

Ring Settings

To manage the call waiting indicator beep, and the ring callback wait time, follow the steps below:

  1. Toggle On Apply Call Waiting Indicator Beep to hear a beep on the device when there is an incoming call

  2. Toggle On Apply Ring Callback and adjust the slider to determine the amount of time until a parked call will ring back

  3. Click Apply Changes

Tip: To remove ringback settings or the call waiting indicator beep, follow these directions and click the toggle off. 

Voicemail Box Preferences

To edit your voicemail box preferences for each device, follow the steps below:

  1. Select from the dropdown Select Voicemail Box to determine the voicemail box that will be connected to your device

  2. Select from the dropdown Select Voicemail Box for Notifications to choose which voicemail box you would like to receive the message waiting indicator light and voicemail notifications on the device’s screen

  3. Click Apply Changes 

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