Make sure your customers' calls are answered by the right people in the office by setting up call groups in the Weave Portal. Call groups allow multiple devices to ring simultaneously or in a cascading order when someone calls the office. You can also set ringtones, add mobile devices, and more.

Note: You must have the role of Admin, Phones Manager, or Advanced Team Member to manage and edit existing call groups. See your role.

Currently, you cannot add a new call group. You must contact Weave to do this. You can manage the settings on any current call group. Changes are saved automatically.

Add a Device to your Call Group

Have a device that should be ringing when calls come through? Make sure it’s added to the right call group.

  1. In the Weave Portal, select Phone.svg Phone from the left menu
  2. Click Call Groups in the dropdown
  3. Select the Call Group the device should be added to
  4. Click Assign Device at the bottom of the device list
  5. Search for the device using the Device, Mobile App, or Forwarding # tabs
  6. Select the device and click Assign Devices

Use the Start and End Times slider to:

  • Have devices ring simultaneously when a call comes in
  • Set a priority of which devices should ring first by moving the start time button forward on devices that should ring later if the call is not initially picked up
  • Decide how long each devices should ring before a call goes to voicemail 

Remove a Device from your Call Group 

You may want to remove a device if someone would no longer like to receive office calls on their mobile device or if a device is no longer in use.

  1. In the Weave Portal, select Phone.svg Phone from the left navigation menu
  2. Click Call Groups in the dropdown
  3. Select the Call Group the device should be removed from 
  4. Find the device in the list and select the X on the right side

Select a Ringtone 

  1. In the Weave Portal, select Phone from the left menu and Call Groups from the dropdown
  2. Under Select a Ringtone, choose your desired ringtone from the dropdown for this call group 

Cordless phones do not support the Silent ringtone. If this ringtone is selected for a call group that includes cordless phones, they will continue to ring. 

Note: If you're experiencing issues with inbound calls going to your call groups, double-check these settings and make sure the numbers are assigned correctly. You can also check your office hours to make sure those are set correctly.

Troubleshooting Tips

My Phone is not ringing. What can I do?

  • Make sure the device is in the right call group in the Weave Portal.

My phone is ringing when a call comes in, and it should not be.

  • Your phone app may be ringing because your app is added to a call group. Check to see if the device is in the wrong call group. In Call Groups, see if there is an entry with your email ID and the "Mobile" designation. You may need to delete that entry to remove your phone app from the call groups.

My phone is not ringing long enough for me to pick up.

  • Use the sliders next to your device in Call Groups to extend ring duration.

My phone isn't ringing in the correct sequence.

  • Use the sliders next to the devices in your list to ensure they are ringing in the right order. 

How can I create a new Call Group?

I want phone 106 to ring again once all phones are done ringing when a call comes in. 

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