Note: You must have the role of Admin or Advanced Team Member to manage and edit existing call groups.

You can manage call groups in the Weave Portal. Set ring groups, ringtones and more.

To edit a call group: 

  1. In the Weave Portal, select Phone.svg Phone
  2. Click Call Groups
  3. Select the Call Group you would like to manage

    Tip: You cannot create a new Call Group, you will need to contact Weave to do this

  4. Under Select Ringtone, choose from the drop down to add a specific ringtone for this call group
  5. Manage device Start and End times by using the slider (this allows you to set priority of which phone should ring first, last, etc)

    Note: Delayed start times is only available for Weave desk phones

  6. Select Edit Device to edit the device setting, and select X to remove a device from the call group 
  7. Select Assign Device, to add a new device (Weave phone, mobile app, external #) to this call group
  8. Search for devices using Search and/or using the Device, Mobile App, and External # Tabs
  9. Check the devices you would like to add 
  10. Select Assign Devices

All changes to the call group will automatically save. If you don't immediately see the changes take effect, try rebooting the phones.

Note: If you're experiencing issues with inbound calls going to your call groups, double-check these settings and make sure the numbers are assigned correctly. You can also check your office hours to make sure those are set correctly.

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