Once you have created your digital forms and packets you are ready to start sending them out to your customers.

This is an add on feature and may not be a part of your current Weave software. Click here to learn about getting Digital Forms for your office. 

Note: Depending on your practice management software, you can also add forms and packets to your auto appointment reminders. Click here to learn more.

Video Overview

You can send a form or packet from your Weave Desktop Software in the following ways:

  1. Messages app
  2. Patients app

Select the appropriate tab below for instructions.

Messages App Patients App

Send from Messages App

1. In your Weave Desktop Software select the Messages App

2. Search for the Patient Name

3. Click on desired name


4. Click on the Forms Icon in the conversation window

5. Use the dropdown arrow to select a form or packet

6. Select the method of delivery (text or email)

7. Click to Send


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