You have access to your account summary of all processed payments, access a more in-depth view of each payment, with the ability to export a list of each transaction to make record-keeping easier.

If you need to view your invoices and record them, cancel a payment, or even view, print, or send a receipt, Invoices and Payments is the place to go!

Weave Payments features are only available to U.S. customers.

View Your Invoices & Payments

  1. Log in to your Weave Portal

  2. Select Pay.svg Payments

  3. Click on Invoices / Payments from the dropdown meu

Here you will be able to see the total payment amount processed, fees deducted, total net revenue amounts, and a list of all transactions. 

Customize your Invoice History dashboard by using the Filter-Alt.svg Filter Options: 

  • Search by: First and/or Last Name, Person ID, Charge ID, Amount 

Additional Filter Options:

  • Date Type: Date invoice Paid, Date Invoice Created
  • Invoice Status: Paid, Partially Paid, Unpaid
  • Recorded Status: Recorded, Not Recorded

Once you have selected the filters you would like, select Apply.

Export Reports

To help with reporting, Weave allows you to export payment reports that can be easily printed out. 

Selecting the Export.svg Export button will download a CSV file onto your computer that you can print out to help with your end of day or end of month reporting.

Track Posting using Mark as Recorded

Once you have recorded your payments, you can click the gray bar next to the payment. Three icons will pop up. Click the Checkmark icon on the far right to change the gray bar to a green check to indicate that it has been recorded. 

Tip: Sometimes, a processed payment may not automatically appear. To refresh the page and stay up to date, click on the Refresh icon Update.svg in the top right corner. 

Cancel an Invoice

  1. Select the unpaid invoice you would like to cancel, or hover over the invoice and select the Delete.svg Arrow icon that pops up.
  2. If you click through, click Delete.svg Cancel Invoice on the right side of the page.
  3. Tip: You might need to scroll over the screen to see it

  4. Select Cancel Invoice to confirm
    Canceling this invoice will inactivate the invoice link so it is no longer usable.

    Under Invoice Status, it will read Canceled and any link attached to that invoice will be deactivated.

Send, View, or Print Receipts

When you send a payment request to your customers, they have the option to input their email to receive an emailed receipt. If they didn’t put an email in or they accidentally put the wrong email address in, don’t worry! Things happen, we get it!

Follow these steps to send, view, or print a receipt:

Send Receipt View Receipt Print Receipt
  1. Select the invoice you would like to view
  2. Scroll to History
  3. Select the Email.svg Mail icon next to the payment you would like to send
  4. Enter the customer's email

    Tip: You can add multiple emails, just make sure you separate each email with a comma.

  5. Click Send
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