View Your Payments History on the Desktop App

Check out previous payment activity with Payments History. You can see if a payment was made, send reminder requests, and view any requests you've already sent. 

Weave Payments features are only available to U.S. customers.

Access Your Payments History

  1. Select Payments from your Weave Desktop App
  2. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right cornerScreen_Shot_2021-09-13_at_12.02.19_PM.png

  3. Select Payments HistoryScreen_Shot_2021-09-13_at_12.02.35_PM.png


Filter the Date Range

Selecting the calendar in the top right corner will allow you to filter the date range. You can filter by day, week, month, year, or you can customize the date range.Screen_Shot_2021-09-13_at_12.02.52_PM.png


Created, Paid, and Unpaid Tabs

Created Paid Unpaid

Created will show you all of the invoices created, both paid and unpaid.Screen_Shot_2021-09-13_at_12.03.13_PM.png



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