Listen to Recorded Calls

You have 3 options for listening to call recordings. Call recordings can be accessed from:

  1. Your recent call log in the Weave  App
  2. The Patient’s History log,
  3. or from your Admin Portal.

Tip: Call recordings are stored within the Weave app for 60 days. To download or listen to call recordings older than 60 days, log in your Admin Portal and select Call Records (See option 3)


Call recordings in Weave App (option 1) 

  1. Click on the Phone.svg Phone App in the Weave desktop software

  2. Select Recents and click on the call you want to listen to

  3. Click on the Play Icon to listen to the recording.



Call recordings in patient's history (option 2) 

  1. Use the Search Bar to locate the patient.

  2. Click on History tab in the navigation bar.

  3. Click on the call you want to listen to.

  4. Click on the Play icon.


Listening to call recordings in the Weave Admin Portal (option 3)

  1. Log into your Admin Portal
  2. Expand Phone System menu on the left hand side

  3. Select Call Records from the menu

  4. Use the Search field to search for a phone number, or narrow calls by Date Range

  5. Click on the Play icon to listen to recording

  6. To download a call recording, click on the three dots next to the call recording


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