Set up Your Schedule for Web Assistant

Help your customer find an appointment that fits their needs by setting up appointment types and availability.  

This is an add on feature and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

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If you are interested in adding this feature to your Weave bundle click here.

Once the online appointment request feature has been enabled, you will need to get everything set up. Follow our step by step instructions below.

Set Up Online Appointment Types

Tip: Make sure you are using Google Chrome. If experiencing issues, try clearing your cache and cookies.

1. Log into Weave Portal and select Computer.svg Web Assistant from menu on the left

2. Select Request Settings from the dropdown

3. Click Add Appointment to create the appointment types that patients will be able to choose from when scheduling online. (Ex: New Customer Consultation)

4. Give your Appointment Type a name, (i.e. New Patient, Check Up)

5. Set the duration for the appointment

6. Set the cadence or interval (10, 15, 20 or 30 min) at which this appointment type will be available for scheduling

7. Select the either the Practitioners or Workstations you want Weave to look at for availability for online scheduling

Tip: For example: You only want certain practitioners to be available for New Patient appointment requests. In this case, select only the practitioners accepting new patients.

8. Save your selections

Once you have created all of your desired Appointment Types you can preview, Edit.svg edit or Trash.svg delete.

Schedule Availability Settings

Before setting your schedule availability, adjust the following settings:

  • Use Practice Management Software Calendar Sync: Toggle this on to pull openings directly from your schedule in your Practice Management Software rather than setting your schedule availability manually.

    The availability of this feature depends on your Practice Management Software. Full functionality is currently only available for Eaglesoft customers. This feature is in beta for our other compatible Practice Management Softwares, but only pulls over scheduled appointments. Other blocked off times will not pull over to Weave.

  • Appointment Lead Time: Set a buffer for how soon you want someone to request an appointment.  (i.e. Do you want them to be able to submit a request for a same day appointment? Or do you want to give your office a 4 hour or 1 day lead time for online requests?)
  • Required Number Of Appt. Times: Set the number of appointment times you want to allow a customer to request

Tip: Requiring customers to choose multiple appointment times will increase the chances of finding a time that works for you and the customer.

Set Your Schedule Availability

Setting your schedule availability manually allows you to control the times you want to make available for Online Appointment requests. Be sure to block off any time that you do not want to make available. For example, block off time any times you are closed for lunch, staff training, etc.

Note: If you do not set your Schedule Availability, the online requests will default to 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

To set your schedule availability,

  1. Click Edit button to set your schedule
  2. Set your availability for online appointment requests for the days you are open
  3. Enter a Start and End that reflects the days and times you want to make available for an online appointment request
  4. Click to Add a Blocked Time if you are closed for lunch, break, staff meeting, etc. and do not want to make appointment requests available during that time
  5. Save when finished
  6. Review your schedule availability. The times highlighted in blue indicate the times that are available for online appointment requests
  7. Click Edit to make any changes

Tip: If you have providers that work alternating days, create a placeholder appointment in your practice management software. Be sure to include both a patient and the provider's name to block off your schedule. This is how our online scheduler will know that the provider is unavailable on that day.

Edit Text Templates

View and edit the templates associated with online scheduling messages. This includes the Request Received template that sends automatically as soon as an appointment request is submitted and a Confirmation Template that sends out automatically once your staff has approved an appointment request.

1. Select the Text Templates tab

2. Click Edit to preview and edit your template:

  • Request Received Templates - sent out automatically when an appointment request has been submitted

  • Confirmation Template - sent out automatically once you approve an appointment request.

3. Customize your templates by adding text or additional variables as desired

4. Preview your message

4. Click Save

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