Make sure you're getting call pop notifications and seeing call information by syncing the Weave software with your Weave phone. This should be one of the first steps you take after your phones are installed. (See more about call pop.) 

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Follow these steps to connect software to phones. 

Sync Weave Phone to Software

  1. Click Link to your Phone at the bottom of the login page in the desktop app
  2. Dial the digits into your corresponding desk phone (the dial button on a corded phone could be #)
  3. Once your sync is complete, you can log back into Weave

Sync Software without a Phone

Note: To connect software without a phone present you'll need your location ID. Your Onboarding representative can provide this to you, or if you are no longer in the Onboarding process you can chat with Support to get that number.

  1. Click Link to your Phone at the bottom of the app's login page
  2. Select Manual Setup at the bottom of the screen
  3. Enter your location ID provided
  4. Select Save


If your Weave software was installed before your phone system, or if you have had an interruption in your internet or power, you may need to re-sync your software to your phone at your workstation.

  1. Click Link to your Phone
  2. This will generate a 5 digit code for you to dial on your phone
  3. Dial the 5 digit code on your Weave phone as if you were calling that number

Once you have dialed the number on your Weave phone your phones and software should be synced up.

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