Recommended Headsets and Wall Mounts

If you are wanting to use a headset with your phone, Weave recommends the Plantronics Wireless Headsets for both Yealink and Polycom models. These may be purchased anywhere you would like, but we've also provided shopping links below for ease of access.

Headsets Wall Mounts Yealink Extension Module

Note: Once you own the headset, Weave Support can assist in getting it set up; however, we do not provide service if an issue arises. We encourage you to contact Plantronics with any questions or concerns.


Phone Model


Yealink T53 & T54*


Yealink T46U, T42S, & T46S


All Polycom models



Note: Yealink T53 & T54 models are USB and bluetooth capable. If you have a bluetooth headset you wish to sync up with your Yealink T53 or T54 click here for bluetooth pairing instructions.

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