Hey, it happens! If you have forgotten your Weave password, follow these instructions to reset your password.

Tip: Resetting your password will send you a password reset email. You can also opt to receive password reset requests via SMS by adding a mobile number to your user profile. For instructions to edit your user profile, see Add and Manage Users

Reset My Password

    1. From the login screen on your Weave Desktop App, click on Reset Password
    2. Click Sign in once directed to the Admin Portal and then Need Help Signing In? 

      Note: For best results use Google Chrome. Windows Explorer is not supported by this application

    3. Select Forgot Password?Screen_Shot_2021-08-12_at_1.51.34_PM.png
    4. Type in your email address that you use to log into Weave

      Tip: If you cannot remember the email address you use for logging into Weave, ask your office administrator to look at your user account in the Admin Portal and give you the email associated with your user profile.

    5. Click Reset via Email

    6. Click on the link in your email to go to the reset password screen

Tip: If you aren't receiving the email, ask an admin to make sure your email is correct in the Admin Portal. If it's not, have them add you as a new user in the system.

  1. Type in a new password
  2. Type in the password again for verification
  3. Click Reset Password

You can now log into your Weave Desktop App with your new password.


Reset Another User's Password

If one of your staff members have forgotten their password, you can send a password reset request from the Admin Portal. 

  1. Click the menu icon at the top right corner of your desktop app
  2. Select Admin Portal to open up the Admin Portal in your internet browser
  3. From the menu on the left, select Account
  4. Select Users from the dropdown
  5. Click on the pencil icon next to the user's name that you would like to edit
  6. Click Reset Password
  7. Instruct the team member to pull up the email or text from Weave to finish resetting their password

Once the team member finishes resetting their password, they will be able to log into Weave.


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