SonicWall Bandwidth Management (BWM)

Bandwidth management on SonicWall devices is designed to manage traffic that passes out to the internet. VoIP phones require a very stable internet connection to maintain call quality and service. The steps outlined below will assist you in enabling this feature.

Enable BWM for your SonicWall device

Log in to the web interface of your SonicWall device.

  1. Expand the Firewall Settings section
  2. Click on the Global radio button
  3. Ensure that the Enable box is checked and set the High setting under Guaranteed to 90
  4. Ensure that the Enable box is checked and set the Medium setting under Guaranteed to 10. You cannot have the two values equal more than 100%. 
  5. Click Accept



Enable BWM on the WAN Interface

  1. To setup BWM properly, you will need to know your current internet speeds. If you do not already know your speeds, you can obtain that information by contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or you can perform your own speed test by visiting or by entering Speed Test into a google search bar.
  2. You will need to convert your network speeds to Kbps. ie 10Mbps = 10000Kbps. 
  3. Once you have your upload and download speeds converted to Kbps login to your SonicWall device and expand the Network menu.
  4. Click on the Interfaces option
  5. Locate the WAN interface and click the Configure button for that interface. A new window will pop up. 
  6. Ensure that the Enable Egress Bandwidth Management and Enable Ingress Bandwidth Management buttons are checked.
  7. Enter your UPLOAD speed in Kbps into the EGRESS field
  8. Enter your DOWNLOAD speed in Kbps into the INGRESS field. 
  9. Click OK






Enable BWM on the Weave Firewall Policy

If you do not already have an outbound firewall policy for Weave traffic, please see Required Configuration for SonicWALL for directions on setting that policy up.

Log in to the web interface of your SonicWall device.

1. Expand the Firewall menu

2. Click on Access Rules

3. Click the Matrix radio button and then select LAN → WAN

4. Identify the Weave outbound firewall policy and click configure - a new window will pop up

5. Click on the Ethernet BWM tab

6. Check the Enable boxes to turn on BWM for this policy

7. Set the Priority to 2 High

8. Click OK

You should now notice a BWM icon on the firewall policy under the comment column. 

Setting up Bandwidth management in this fashion does NOT sequester 90% of the bandwidth for the phones, but guarantees the phones will have that if they need it. They get the priority over other data traffic. Although it is unlikely that the phones would EVER need to utilize 90% of the bandwidth, this rule is designed to be broad to cover a majority of offices that we work with. Feel free to change the percentage of bandwidth that you would like to guarantee to the phones if they need it. This guide is designed to show you the process of how to enable it and not lock you into a configuration you do not agree with. 








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