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Weave phones work well with pfSense routers. There is typically just one important setting to verify in the pfSense configuration. In order to ensure that no additional firewalls will be interfering with phone traffic, it is necessary to verify that the pfSense router is receiving an internet routable (public) IP address on its WAN interface.

You can verify the public IP by following the steps below.

Check for a public IP address on the WAN Interface

  1. Login to the pfSense web interface
  2. On the Status: Dashboard page, locate the the router's WAN IP address (see image).
Note: Verify that the WAN interface is receiving a public IP address. If the IP address begins in 192.168.X.X, 10.X.X.X or 172.16.X.X-172.31.X.X then the router is not receiving a public IP address and you should contact your ISP to put your modem in bridge, DMZ, or PPOE mode.
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