Send Emails From the Legacy Desktop App

Use the Weave Email feature to easily find and draft messages to your customers, then send through the default email service set up on your computer. (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

Send an Email

  1. Select Blue_Email.svg Email from the main page
  2. Choose between:
    • Composing Email for an individual email to a customer
    • Email Marketing to begin a marketing campaign (Email to many customers)
  3. For an individual email click the Plus.svg icon to search for the customer you want to email

  4. Click on the Customer Name

  5. Enter a Subject. This is a required field

  6. Click Send. This will open the default email browser that is set on your computer

Tip: The default email browser opening is a setting on your computer system. It is not a Weave setting. If you are not sure how to set the email you use as a default on your computer, please consult your IT specialist.

Once you are in your default email window, you can make any additions to your email and attach any files as desired. Then, click to send the email from your default email service.

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