Cancellation and Reschedule Requests

If a patient responds to an automated appointment reminder with a cancel or reschedule request you will be alerted on your Weave Schedule with a schedule alert. These make it easy to quickly work through any requests to cancel or reschedule an existing appointment.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software.

Schedule Alerts

A red notification bubble appears on the Blue_Schedule.svg Schedule icon if you have unaddressed schedule alerts. You receive a schedule alert when a patient responds with something other than an affirmative response to an automated appointment reminder. If a confirmation response is misspelled, it can also trigger a schedule alert (such as "Confrim").

To review and respond to schedule alerts:

  1. Click into the Blue_Schedule.svg Schedule icon
  2. Click the Notification.svg Bell notification in the bottom right corner of your schedule
  3. View the patient’s response that needs attention and their scheduled appointment details
  4. Respond by clicking toPhone.svg Call, Message.svg Text, or Email.svg Email with another suggested appointment time
  5. Click Done once you have rescheduled or canceled the appointment in your practice management software to clear the alert

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