Once you have signed up and set up your online appointment request link, you'll want to know how to manage the incoming appointment requests.

See setup instructions.

The availability of this feature is dependent on your Weave bundle. Schedule a time with a Weave representative to learn more.

Here is a breakdown of the steps to manage and respond to appointment requests: 

Desktop App Weave App (beta) Mobile App
  1. You will receive a pop-up notification and an alert on your Blue_Schedule.svg Schedule icon
  2. Click on the pop-up or into Schedules > Requests
  3. Click on the Automated_Reminders.svg Requests icon at the bottom of Blue_Schedule.svg Schedule in either the desktop or mobile app
  4. From here you can view Pending or Reviewed requests
  5. Click on a request to view the details

    Note: It is very important that you check your management system schedule and if available add the appointment to your management system (for non-integrated customers).

  6. After you click on the request details, you can choose to Message the patient if the appointment is no longer available or Approve the request

    Tip: When you approve a request, a confirmation text will automatically be sent to the patient letting them know their appointment request has been confirmed

  7. Click on any Pending or Reviewed request to delete after action has been taken
  8. Click on the Trash.svg Trash icon to delete the request and remove from your queue in the desktop app.

Clients cannot cancel appointments they submitted within online scheduling without contacting you to remove it from your schedule. 

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