Whether you're vacationing or out for other reasons, you can still make sure your clients are taken care of. When Call Forwarding is on, all incoming calls will be redirected to the number of your choice and will not hit your normal Voicemail or Office Hours settings. 

Note: If your forwarding phone number is provided by another service provider, Weave is unable to provide support beyond ensuring the call is sent to the designated forwarding phone number.

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  1. Within the Weave Portal, click Phone.svg Phone in the left navigation menu
  2. Select Override
  3. Click + Create Override
  4. Select Forward Call as the Override Type
  5. Choose the Forwarding Number from the dropdown
  6. Check the box for Add Start/End Time (Optional)

    Note: If you add a start time only, the override will stay on until you manually turn it off by clicking Remove Override in the portal, desktop, or mobile app. If you add an end time only, override will automatically turn on immediately and turn off at the end time

  7. If you choose to add a start and/or end time, use the dropdowns to choose dates & times
  8. Click Create Override

Once you have finished creating the override, you can return to the override page in the Weave Portal, desktop app, or mobile app to edit or remove any override.

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