Knowing whether you should park, universal hold, personal hold, or local hold a call with a client and how to do these things will help you offer smooth customer service when the time comes. In this article, we'll address each hold as they relate to your Yealink and Polycom phones.

Park, or universal hold, gives all phones in your office the ability to take the call that you've put on hold.

A personal or local hold allows only your phone to access the call on hold. 

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Yealink Park/Universal Hold

A park, also known as a universal hold, will hold the call on all phones

    1. To place an active call on one of your Universal Holds (Hold 1, Hold 2, or Hold 3) press the Park soft key - located at the bottom of your display screen.

    2. The phone will place the call on the 1st available universal holding position and announce the location.

    3. Retrieve a call on any phone by pressing the same Hold 1, Hold 2, or Hold 3 key.

Yealink Personal Hold

A personal hold, also known as a local hold, will hold the call on your phone only.

    1. While on an active call press the Personal Hold key located on the right side of phone.

    2. Press the same Hold key to resume the call before picking up the handset.

    3. Resume a call by using the soft key labeled Resume.


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