Quickly send and view sent and submitted forms on the go through Forms in the Weave mobile app.

Learn how to download the mobile app.

Send a Form or Packet

After you’ve created a form or packet, you can send it through the mobile app.

  1. On the mobile app home page, select FormsIcon.svg Forms
  2. Tap the Send.svg Send button in the bottom right corner
  3. Search for and select the desired patient

    Note: If you choose a custom contact, a popup will remind you that their information will not write back to your practice management system.

  4. TOGGLEGIF-(2)_1.gif Turn on the Select a Dependent toggle if the form should be sent for a dependent to the guardian’s contact and select the desired dependent
  5. Use the dropdown to link the form to an upcoming appointment (if applicable). This field will not appear if there are none
  6. Choose whether you’d like to send a form or packet
  7. Use the dropdown to select the form or packet you’d like to send and tap Next
  8. Choose the delivery method (SMS and/or Email)
  9. Ensure the email and/or texting number is accurate. Use the dropdown to choose another number or email address if necessary
  10. Use the text box to update your message
  11. Tap Send Form at the bottom of the page when finished

View Forms

  1. On the mobile app home page, select Forms
  2. Use the tabs at the top of the page to select Submissions (all forms that have been returned filled out) or Sent (forms that have not been submitted filled out)

    Note: Whenever a new submission appears, you will be notified through the mobile app.

  3. Tap the More.svg More icon next to the form
  4. Select See form details

You’ll be redirected to Forms within the Weave app (beta).

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