Troubleshooting Call Pop Notifications

If you aren't receiving call pops when you receive an incoming call, here are a few things to check to ensure the feature is set up correctly.

If you're using the legacy desktop app, make sure your phone's SIP profile has the location ID of every child location in which the user is meant to receive a call pop.

Weave App (beta) Troubleshooting

Learn how to access the Weave app (beta).

Verify your phone is paired and connected

Check that the phone you're using is properly paired and connected to your Weave app. When a call comes in, Weave needs to find a user-phone pairing to send the call pop notification to. 

Within the Weave app, click your User in the top right corner of the page. Here you should see the name of the device you're connected to. If you're not connected, pair the device.

You can also see if you're paired to the proper phone by opening the Dial Pad within Calls. If you're not connected to a device at all, you won't see the dial pad option. If you do see the dial pad, call your personal phone and see which device the call goes through. If it's not the phone you expect, re-connect the desired phone to your user. 

Verify the location(s) you've selected in the Weave app (beta) match where your phone is assigned

Call pops only work for the location(s) you've chosen in the Weave app settings. You can use a phone that is assigned to one location while working in a different location. When switching locations, you do receive a notification that you may want to switch phones as well. 

If you can't recall if your phone is assigned to the locations you're viewing, click the Settings.svg Setting icon in the top right corner. Select Phone from the left navigation and Device Settings. Here you can identify if the device you're connected to is listed in that location or group's list of devices.

Check Call Groups and Queues

Call Pop notifications only arrive when your phone is ringing, so check that calls are routed to your phone as expected. Make sure your extension is included in the appropriate call groups and queues so incoming calls can be routed properly to your phone and trigger a call pop.

Here are a few ways you can do this if you are a Super Admin or Phones Manager:

You can also see which Call Groups your device has been added to by clicking the Settings.svg Settings icon in the top right corner of the Weave app. Select Phones in the left navigation and Device Settings.

The table reflects how many call groups your device is assigned to. Click on the number of call groups to see which groups your device is in. If you don't see the correct call group assigned, click Edit Call Group Assignments to add or remove your device as desired.

Check ring settings in your Call Group

Each device can be set to ring at different start times. You may want to set your device to ring earlier than the other devices, especially if you're on a softphone, to give yourself more time to receive the call. 

Check your internet connection

Verify that your internet connection is stable. Since call pops rely on communication between the Weave's phone system and app in real-time, any disruptions or poor performance of your internet connection can prevent call pops from being received.


If you've checked all the above and still aren't receiving call pops, contact us for further assistance.


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