See Call Queue Data in the Weave App (beta)

Gain visibility into your call queue volumes at any given time to address high-volume periods so you make informed business decisions and ensure your customers get answered quickly.

Learn how to access the Weave app (beta).

Access Call Queue Data

  1. Within the Weave app, select Phone.svg Calls from the left navigation menu
  2. Click Call Queue Data from the Calls menu

Here are a few things you can do on the Call Queue Data page:

  • Click the Locations dropdown above the data to choose which locations' call queues should be shown 
  • Use the search bar at the right side of the page to find a specific call queue
  • Use the Sort function to the right of the search bar to sort alphabetically
  • Click the blue Device number within each tile to see which devices are assigned to the call queue, assign new devices, or remove devices
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