New Weave Experience, Google Business Scheduling Link, and More - May 2024

New Weave Experience - Weave App (beta)

In case you missed it, we’ve introduced a brand new experience based on feedback from customers that allows you and your staff the flexibility to be even more efficient and effective.

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Call Intelligence Enhancements

Dive deeper into your call data! Filter calls by Contact Type (new vs. existing patients) and Call Direction (inbound vs. outbound) to tailor communication strategies. Plus, compare data across your entire organization or between specific locations to identify strengths, growth opportunities, and individual location performance.

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Custom Themes - only in the Weave App (beta)

Customize your Weave Desktop Application to highlight your personality or the brand of your organization specific color themes. And then share your favorite themes across the office.

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Simple View - only in the Weave App (beta)

With the new Weave experience, you now have the ability to do more because you have more space. However, based on customer feedback, we have some users who would prefer to use Weave in the traditional smaller format so that it can be viewed side-by-side with other programs you have on your screen. With Simple View, shrink the window to the smallest size and click on Simple View.

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Fax Archive - only in the Weave App (beta)

A new fax archive functionality allows users to easily archive and unarchive faxes within the fax inbox. Helping you stay organized and manage your faxes quickly.

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Inbox: Updated Status Filters - only in the Weave App (beta)

Weave now offers a simplified and more flexible inbox status filter. The filter consists of Unread, Unreplied, Read, Replied, and Error. Focus your Inbox to resemble the Actionable tab from the legacy app by selecting Unread, Unreplied, and Error filters. This feature helps you prioritize and manage your communications more effectively, ensuring important messages get the attention they need.

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Voicemail Box Create and Extention Edit

Weave now lets you create dedicated voicemail boxes for your team. Manage after-hours, prescriptions, billing, or even secondary languages! For even faster access, add extensions for message retrieval directly from Weave phones.

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Practice Analytics: Multi-Location Comparison

Weave Practice Analytics now lets you compare your locations side-by-side across all metrics! See which locations are thriving and identify areas for improvement across your entire organization. Easily filter by location to dive deeper into individual performance.

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Inbox: Focus the Thread List - only in the Weave App (beta)

Weave now automatically marks confirmed replies as read. When a contact replies to your auto-message with a confirmation, the message is marked as read and will not appear at the top of your inbox. Additionally, inbox visibility has been enhanced. When an auto-message is sent to a contact, their message thread will be moved to the top of your inbox. Allowing you to you keep your inbox organized and ensures important messages are easily accessible.

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New Schedule Header Bar - only in the Weave App (beta)

The new Schedule Header bar opens up more space and to give users a better experience. We’ve cleaned up the view to make it easier to see the calendar itself, to display actionable stats about upcoming appointments, and to add in new filters.

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