Please consult with  your IT provider if you need assistance with any of these suggestions

Weave will implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures for the Weave Network, as determined by Weave, designed to protect the security of Subscriber Data within the Weave Network.

Customers are responsible for properly configuring and using the Weave Service and taking their own steps to maintain appropriate security, protection, and backup of Subscriber Data outside of the Weave Network.

  1. Make sure you have the latest security software, web browser, and operating system updates installed.
  2. Make sure your operating system's firewall is enabled or install free firewall software available online. If employees work from home, ensure that their home system(s) are protected by a firewall.
  3. If you have a Wi-Fi network, make sure it is secure, encrypted, and hidden. Password protect access to the router.
  4. Require users to password-protect their mobile devices. Be sure to set reporting procedures for lost or stolen equipment.
  5. Prevent access or use of business computers by unauthorized individuals.
  6. Lock up laptops when unattended.
  7. Make sure a separate user account is created for each employee and require unique, strong passwords.
  8. Administrative privileges should only be given to trusted key personnel.
  9. Never share passwords with other employees.
  10. Never reuse passwords on multiple websites. Especially, don’t use the same password for Weave and other accounts.
  11. Educate your staff on the latest scams and phishing techniques and how to avoid them.  Resources for this can be found here:

Weave is committed to protecting your data. We are continuously reviewing and improving our security controls, policies, and procedures. You can learn more about what Weave does to keep your data safe here: 

Weave Security Initiatives

Compliance with HIPAA When Using Weave

Weave Payments Security 

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