Tag Voicemails in the Weave App (beta)

Organize your voicemails using personalized tags to help your team members keep up with customer requests.

Learn how to access the Weave app (beta).

  1. Within in the Weave app, select the Phone.svg Calls icon in the left navigation menu
  2. Click the Voicemails tab in the All Calls page
  3. Next to the voicemail, click the Label Tag 400.svg Tag icon under the Tag column
  4. Choose from existing tags or Create Tag

    Tip: If you choose to create a tag, you will be navigated to the Tag Settings. You can also see an overview of your tags by clicking Tag Settings in the popup when choosing a tag.

The tag is automatically saved when clicked. You can add multiple tags to each voicemail.

To remove a tag, click the x next to it in the Voicemail page. If there are multiple tags, click the +1 next to the tag to open voicemail details. Here, you can see all tags added to the Voicemail, remove any tags, or Add Tags.

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