Make the most of the integration between ezyVet and Weave to improve your daily workflow and customer interactions.

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Getting Started

The Weave & ezyVet integration provides an enhanced experience for these features to our integrated (Weave Pro & Elite) customers:

  • Call Pop, including:
    • Caller's name
    • Upcoming appointment info
    • When they're due for an appointment
    • Tasks for the customer
    • Special notes and follow-ups.
  • Schedule: View any upcoming appointments for pets within the Schedule
  • Two-way texting: Instantly communicate with customers in a way that is quick and convenient for both parties.
  • Text Confirmation: An affirmative response e.g. “Yes”, “Y”, “Confirm” etc. automatically confirms the appointment in the ezyVet system. You can also manually confirm an appointment by finding it on the Schedule and clicking the icon next to the appointment. 
  • Auto-Messages: Weave sends automated reminders for any upcoming appointments or continued care treatments such as vaccinations etc. 

Integration in Action

Before you get started, learn how to download the Weave desktop app.

Now you can learn how to log in.

Learn how to access pet profiles. You can search by first or last name to see information including upcoming appointment reminders, birthday messages, and pet details such as name, age, breed, gender, birthday, vaccinations, etc.

If a customer calls in, click on the incoming notification to see all these details.

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Configure Your ezyVet Sync

Weave does all the work to make sure your ezyVet sync is ready-to-go. If you aren't already signed up reach out to your account manager or the Weave Sales team to request an upgrade. 

After you're upgraded, your onboarding expert will reach out to enable the sync.

The sync happens every 14-30 minutes. This is when you should see new patient record sync to Weave.

Get EzyVet Partner API Credentials

  1. Log into ezyVet
  2. Click the Admin tab
  3. Use the dropdown box on the left side of the screen 
  4. Select Integration
  5. Search API Partner in the Integration search box
  6. Select Weave from the partner dropdown box
  7. Click Save
  8. Underneath Scopes, click Select All and Save
  9. Select Download Credentials

Your browser will download a file named credentialsapi.txt.

Disable Integration in ezyVet

  1. Log into ezyVet
  2. Click the Admin tab
  3. Use the dropdown box on the left side of the screen 
  4. Select Integration
  5. Search and select Weave in the search bar on the left side of your screen
  6. Select Disable on the right side of the screen
  7. Click Disable in the popup to confirm


Appointments are not confirming

Ensure that appointment status mapping is complete within the Weave Portal.

The new patient in ezyVet is not showing in Weave.

Wait 15 minutes and check again. The sync is not instantaneous, so you'll have to wait for the next sync for the record to show.

What Recall Reminders do I have access to?

Currently integrated recall reminders include upcoming and due vaccinations. Medication, diagnostic, and prescription reminders will be available soon. 

Having trouble? Contact our support team.

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