Manage Tags in the Weave App (beta)

See and edit the tags that have been created to organize messages, faxes, and more across your Weave account.

Note: Tags created previously in the legacy desktop app will need to be recreated in the Weave app (beta).

Learn how to access the Weave app (beta).

    1. Within Messages, select Settings.svg Settings in the bottom left corner
    2. Click Tags in the navigation bar

Change locations by using the dropdown at the top of the page. Use the Search or Filters option to narrow the view of tags view to help you find the tags that may need to be edited.

Create a New Tag

      1. Within the tag settings, select Create New Tag at the top right
      2. Type a name
      3. Choose a color
      4. Assign which locations should have access
      5. Assign which users should receive a notification when an asset is tagged (if desired)
      6. Click Save

Edit a Tag

      1. Locate the tag you’d like to edit in the Tag Settings
      2. Select the More.svg More icon at the far right of the tag name
      3. Click Edit
      4. Adjust the name, color, locations, and/or users
      5. Select Save

See how to tag a message.

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