Get an idea of all Auto Messages available to set up and how they can improve your practice communications.

The Missed Call Text is the only Auto-Message available in the Weave Core Elite & Pro bundles. If you have Weave Plus, more Auto-Messages are available to you. See what Weave bundle you have. 

Before setting up and customizing your Auto-Messages, you will need to set your Data Sync Settings (except for Missed Call Text).

Gain confidence in Auto Reminder foundations by completing the Weave Training Camp course before you dive in.

You have the option to choose if Auto-Messages go out to all mobile numbers assigned to a contact. If recipients wish to edit how they are contacted for messages, they can edit within their Text Communication Preferences

Message Types

Once your Data Sync Settings are set up, you can customize and enable your Auto-Messages.

These types of Auto-Messages may be available:

  • Appointment Follow-up: After an appointment, send important information as a follow-up to their visit or procedure
  • Appointment Reminder: Remind your patients of upcoming appointments through auto texts and emails
  • Birthday Wishes: Automatic Happy Birthday wishes to active patients through text and/or email
  • Order Ready: Let your patients know their eyewear (glasses or contacts) is ready for pick-up
  • Order Follow-up: Send a follow-up to see how a recent eyewear order is fitting
  • Missed Call: Text a caller if their call goes unanswered (even if the call is abandoned), not dependent on data sync settings. Callers will only get one of these messages per day no matter how many times their call goes unanswered in that day (Available for Weave Core & Plus Elite & Pro bundles.)
  • Vaccination Reminder: Reminder to set up an appointment for vaccines based on their due date
  • Recall Reminder: Reminder to schedule another appointment based on their due date. Anyone with a future appointment will not receive this message
  • Save the Date: Text with the details of an appointment that has been scheduled
  • Reschedule: Reminder to reschedule if an appointment is canceled or no-showed and no future appointment is on the schedule. You must map the statuses for this appointment type. This message will send based on the start time of the original appointment - not when the office canceled the appointment - and can be configured to be sent out hours, days, or weeks after.
  • Reactivation: Reminder to schedule another appointment based on their last seen date. Anyone with a future appointment will not receive this message
  • Missed Text: If staff is unable to respond to a text, a reply will automatically be sent with more information, unless the received message is an appointment confirmation in response to an appointment reminder. Only one missed text auto-message is sent per day even if multiple messages are received during closed hours. (Available for Weave Plus Elite & Pro bundles.)
  • Review Request: Send an invitation automatically for your customer to leave a review after their scheduled appointment. Auto-invitations will not send if an appointment is canceled. Weave will not send a review invite to the same customer more than once every 60 days. Not included in your bundle? Learn how to manually send review invitations.
  • Appointment Confirmation: Automatically reply to a customer's appointment confirmation letting them know their message was received. This message is sent when Weave attempts to confirm the appointment in your system of record.

Note: The availability of some of these Auto Messages depends on your practice management software.

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