Voicemail Box Sharing, Payment Plans, and More - February 2024

Shared Voicemail Box Access

Enable shared voicemail boxes with your office to consolidate workflows and improve customer service by enabling seamless team collaboration and faster response times through shared access, visual voicemail, and transcriptions.

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Payment Plans

Streamline collections and offer flexible payment options by splitting up the cost of service into monthly installments that are charged automatically to your customer’s chosen payment method.

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Review Requests

Create and edit the Review Request Auto-Message, now in the Weave Portal. Conveniently send reviews based on appointment type, operatory, practitioner, and location. Additionally, you can now leverage dynamic fields to personalize each review request. We have also added post-appointment send timing to tailor outreach for maximum impact, along with expanded email communication channels to extend your reach.

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Digital Forms Multi-Tenant Writebacks

Customize your Digital Forms writebacks to make sure the information is getting to the right system of record - even if you use more than one.

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Mobile Actionable Dashboard

See quick nuggets of actionable info at the top of your mobile app, including the number of follow-ups, missed calls, voicemails, and more.

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Softphone Deletion

You can now easily delete a Softphone extension directly within the Weave Portal, without needing to call support. Just remember to check call routing and voicemails before deleting.

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