Add Calendar Exceptions in Online Scheduling

With known office closure dates you can now create calendar exceptions in Online Scheduling to block out a specific day or time so no requests can be made by patients. 

  1. Log into the Weave Portal and select Computer.svg Online Scheduling from the left navigation menu
  2. Click Settings from the dropdown
  3. Click Edit Office Hours 
  4. Select the Exceptions tab
  5. To create a new exception, click Add Exception. You will name the new exception and determine whether this will be an Unavailable or Available time on your schedule

    Note: An unavailable time will block out a normally available time on the schedule to request an appointment, while an available time will allow an appointment request for a normally blocked out time on the schedule. 

  6. Enter the Start Date and End Date of when this exception should be applied
  7. Then determine how long the exception will be by adjusting the Start Time and End Time or by checking the box for All Day 
  8. Select Save

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