Add Providers' Schedules in Online Scheduling

Ensure your customers are requesting appointments with their primary provider during the correct times by adding provider schedules within Online Scheduling.

Add a Provider

If your practice management does not sync with Online Scheduling, you will need to add providers manually. If your practice management system does sync, Weave will pull in your providers.

  1. Log into the Weave Portal and select Computer.svg Online Scheduling from the left navigation menu
  2. Click Settings from the dropdown
  3. Select Manage Providers
  4. Click Add Provider  
  5. Upload an image if desired
  6. Add the provider's first name, last name, and display name
  7. Click Save

Manage a Provider's Schedule

  1. Within the Manage Providers page, select the More.svg More icon on the right of the provider's name
  2. Click Provider Schedule
  3. Toggle on which days of the week your Provider is available
  4. Adjust the Start Time and End Time for each day
  5. Add Break(s) each day for lunch, breaks, staff meetings, etc. that can't be requested
  6. Click Save when finished

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