Get started with Call Intelligence to save time, increase revenue, and provide excellent customer service. Call Intelligence uses AI to analyze and summarize recorded office calls, identifying potential missed revenue opportunities and insights into customer sentiment.

You will need the user role of Super Admin or Advance Team Member to access this feature. See your role.

Want Call Intelligence for your office? Schedule a Demo. This feature is only available for dental offices.

How Call Intelligence Helps You

  • Analyzes all recorded calls
  • Provides a summary of the call
  • Provides full transcripts of recorded calls
  • Identifies if an appointment was requested on the call
  • Identifies if an appointment was scheduled or there was a missed opportunity
  • Categorizes all calls into useful categories (ex. Billing, Cancellation, Complaint, New Patient, Pricing)
  • Provides insight into customer sentiment

Access Call Intelligence

  1. Within the Weave Portal, select Analytics from the left navigation
  2. Click Call Intelligence from the dropdown

View Your Analytics

You can view your data in three different ways by using the tabs at the top of the page: Overview, View by Location, and All Call Recordings.

In Overview, you’ll see a snapshot of how many calls were analyzed, if scheduling opportunities were available, calls by category and appointment type, and customer sentiment.

Click on the bar representing the data in each graph to see more information and all calls contributing to that category.

By clicking on View by Location (for multi-location accounts), you’ll see the information separated by location. Here you can select all locations or choose which locations you’d like to compare.

All Call Recordings breaks down the details of the call, allowing you can get into the specifics. Quickly identify if a scheduling opportunity was present on the call and if the call ended in an appointment being made. You’ll also see customer sentiment, category, and appointment type.

Click on the Page.svg Page icon on the far right of a call to see the Key Takeaways, which includes a summary and full transcript of the call.

Clicking on the Filter-Alt.svg Filter icon allows you to choose what data is displayed in the graph and choose the date range you’d like to view.

With the Columns.svg Column icon you can show or hide columns and adjust their order to customize your view.

Tip: Let us know how you like the product by clicking Submit Feedback in the top right corner.

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