Getting Around the Weave App (beta)

With the new Weave experience, you can communicate with customers, see call history, and more within a browser on your computer or a new desktop app.


Download the Desktop App

Click Download Weave App in the top right corner of the Weave Portal. Select Download Desktop App.

Open the New Weave Experience

Weave Portal Desktop App
  1. Open the Weave Portal
  2. Click Computer.svg Switch to App in the left navigation menu

Use the left navigation menu to start communicating with your customers and using other Weave features.

Change your location and see profile information by using the buttons at the top right of the page.

Navigate the Weave app even faster with the Universal Search Bar at the top of the page. Search Messages, Contacts, Settings, and Features all at once, or click the Searching: dropdown to narrow your search to one of the categories.

Manage Weave settings across all features using the Settings.svg Settings icon at the top right of the page.

Looking for more? Learn the foundations of the new Weave app on Training Camp.

Customize Your Weave App Theme

Within the desktop version of the Weave app (beta), you can personalize your view to fit your needs or showcase your favorite colors. You must first download the app.

  1. Within the desktop Weave app, click your profile icon in the top right corner
  2. Select Personal Preferences
  3. Click Customize Your App
  4. Choose from the features themes, use the random generator, or use the eyedropper to select from a Palette or Custom picker where you can type a hex code

    Tip: Click Share Theme to copy the code for the theme you’ve chosen and send to your team members. They can paste the code using the Import Theme button and match your desktop app.

  5. Click Save

Turn on Simple Mode

Feeling overwhelmed by all the options the Weave app (beta) offers and prefer using a smaller window? Try out simple mode to tune in to the top priorities of your office. 

On the home page of the desktop Weave app, click Simple View below your name

This button only appears when the size of the app is at its smallest horizontally. To turn it off, click Use Advanced View in the same place. If you make the window bigger, the Simple View will also disappear.

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