Getting Around the New Weave Experience

With the new Weave experience, you can communicate with customers, see call history, and more within a browser on your computer or a new desktop app.

Enable the New Weave Experience

Open the Weave Portal and click on your user icon in the top right corner. In the blue "Try our new web app experience" box, click Try it out.

After you enable the new web experience, click Download Weave App in the top left corner of the Weave Portal, and within the pink "The New Weave App Experience is Here" box, click Download and Try Today to download the new desktop app.

Open the New Weave Experience

Weave Portal

  1. Open the Weave Portal
  2. Click App at the top left of the page

Desktop App

  1. Open the new Weave desktop app
  2. Click App at the top left of the app

Use the left navigation to get started using Weave.

If applicable, change your location by clicking the current location in the top right corner.


Click the Inbox.png Message icon in the left navigation to see threads with your customers. Use the icons at the top of your inbox to complete Actions.svg bulk actions, Filter-Alt.svg filter the threads, or Plus.svg start a new message. The left navigation allows you to see Scheduled, Archived, and Blocked messages.

Right-click on a message with a thread to add a tag.

When responding to a message, click the dropdown next to the send button to schedule the message. Right-click on the message before it has sent to adjust the text, date & time, or save the content. If a customer sends a text before the scheduled message goes out, it will stop the message from being sent.


When your phone is synced with Weave, you can click the Phone.svg  Call icon to see your recent calls & access voicemails using the tab at the top of the page. Click the Lists.svg Page icon next to a voicemail to read the transcript and see Call Details. Click Dial Pad in the left navigation to start placing calls.

If you have a Softphone, select the Keypad.svg Dial icon at the top of the page to adjust settings, see Parked Calls, and place calls.

Digital Forms

Click the Forms_Elements.svg Digital Forms icon to check if a form has been submitted in the Inbox, Reviewed, Completed, Sent, and Archived tabs in the left navigation.


Keep track of what customers are saying in Reviews Dash.svg Reviews. Use the left navigation to see All, Google, Facebook, or Private reviews. Click on a review to start responding.


Check contact information or create a contact by clicking the Contacts.svg Contacts icon in the left nav and filtering by All, Active, or Inactive. Click on any contact to see their information and history, and start a call, message, or send digital forms. Select Lists to view customers that have been added to your Collections, Overdue Patients, and Birthdays lists.


Learn more about your office communications through Analytics.svg Analytics. Use the left navigation to see the Overview, Practice, Auto Recall, Phone, and Messaging Analytics. Click See More or the Analytics Info.svgAnaltyics Info icon in the top right corner of any analytics tile to dive into the data.

Team Chat

In the top right corner, click the Chat.svg Team Chat icon to open messages between your team members. The + icon allows you to start new Direct Messages or Group Chats.


Within the Messages or Calls tab, click the Settings.svg Settings icon in the bottom left corner to:

  • Create and manage tags
  • Create and manage templates
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