When is it safe to cancel my prior telephone service provider?

Do not cancel your old telephone service until your numbers have been completely transferred.

You should make sure your internet and phone service are NOT bundled before you begin porting. Bundling these services is common for a lot of carriers. Unbundling ensures that nothing is tied to the number you are porting (i.e. internet, credit card machines, security systems, etc.) so other services are not interrupted when the number does port to Weave. Please reach out to your providers to confirm your services are not bundled.

What numbers can port?

Any toll-free, landline, and wireless phone numbers that you own can be ported to Weave.

How long does porting take?

Porting typically takes 7-10 business days unless specified otherwise.

How do I complete the porting process?

Make sure to submit a port request in the legacy desktop app or Weave Portal, which will include filling out you Letter of Authorization documenting:

  • The number(s) you are requesting to port
  • Name of Business
  • Authorized Person's name on the account with your current provider
  • Account number and PIN#/Passcode (when applicable) from your current provider
  • Service address

Note: Make sure the information submitted on your Letter of Authorization is identical to the information on file with your current provider. Any discrepancies will delay porting.

If you are unsure of the information on file, we recommend reaching out to your current provider and requesting a copy of your most recent bill or a customer service record (CSR). The documentation provided must display the phone number(s) you are requesting to port.

Will my existing service work during the porting process?

Your existing service will work as is during the porting process if you do not make any account changes. Once your number has transferred to Weave, your old service will no longer function.

Note: Any service interruption during the porting process must be raised to your provider.

Can I transfer my phone number to use as both a voice and fax?

No, Weave can transfer your number as either a voice or fax number. It cannot be used as both.

Why do you say my numbers are not portable, but my current carrier says they are?

Weave uses hosted carriers to transfer telephone numbers. The rate center (or prefix) the number falls into may be unavailable to Weave according to our carriers. We do not have a “footprint” in the geographical area and are not able to service these numbers. Unfortunately, there is nothing further we can do if this is the case.

Alternatively, if you do not need this specific number(s), we can assign a new, similar number(s) under our service.

Does Weave use SIP Trunks?

Weave does use SIP trunking but only through specific providers. We do not support the use of third-party SIP trunk providers.

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