Transfer a Call on the Mobile App

Call transfers are an excellent tool for customer service and a great way to maximize your teams' productivity, especially on the go with the mobile app.

  1. While on a call in the Weave mobile app, click the Transfer.svg Transfer button in the middle of the screen
  2. Type in the Search Bar to find the extension name or number or tap on it in the list below
  3. Select if you would like to do a Blind or Warm transfer
    • Blind: the call will close and a popup at the bottom of the screen will notify you that the call has been transferred. 
    • Warm: You'll be connected with the extension number, allowing you to talk to the recipient before the call is transferred. Tap Transfer to send the caller to the extension number or End call to close the call completely without transferring. Choose to Swap Call.svg Swap between calls to talk to the caller & extension individually. 

Learn how to transfer calls on your deskphone or Softphone.


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