When downloading the Weave desktop app from a Linux computer, you will have to take a few extra steps. 

  1. Download the desktop app by clicking the button:

    Linux version

  2. Right-click the downloaded file and open it with the package installer 

    Note: The default path for installation is /usr/local/weave. You will need to create the directory /usr/local/weave with the following command: sudo mkdir/usr/local/weave. The installation can also be done from the command line in a terminal window after creating the directory using sudo tar -xvzf Client.tgz -C /usr/local/weave

  3. Create or download the weave.desktop file in usr/local/share/applications. If you choose to create the file, see the contents below
  4. Download the Weave icon and copy from Downloads to /usr/local/share/applications

The Weave desktop app is now downloaded. You can open it either within your applications or by creating a Quick Launch on the launch bar. 

Weave.desktop contents

[Desktop Entry]


Comment=Weave desktop application





Update Linux Weave Desktop App

The Weave desktop app on a Linux computer will not automatically update. To do so:

  1. Close the client application
  2. Copy and paste the following into a terminal session:

    wget -c

    https://storage.googleapis.com/software-updates.getweave.com/latest/Client.tgz -qO- | sudo tar -xvz -C /usr/local/weave

  3. If you would prefer, you can create a file named Weave_Client_update.sh with the following:

    Give it execute permissions with chmod +x Weave_Client_update.sh

    Execute it to update the client


    # script downloads and updates the Weave client in a Linux environment

    # This downloads and extracts the client for a software update.



    echo "Downloading and updating the Weave Client application"


    wget -c


    -qO- | sudo tar -xvz -C /usr/local/weave

    exit 0

You can schedule the script to run regularly with cron so the client is always up to date.

See a Read.me of this information

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