Best Practices for Missed Call Text Auto-Messages

Make sure your customers are receiving only one Missed Call Text at the right time so they know how to best contact you when you’re away from your phone.

Here are a few ways to make sure your Missed Call Text auto-messages are set up in the way that best serves your needs:

  • Create a Missed Call Text auto-message for your open office hours. 
  • Create a Missed Call Text auto-message for you closed office hours. 
  • Include instructions or helpful information in both auto-messages (such as office hours, if you will call back, how they can message you, etc.).
  • Remove any other Missed Call Text auto-messages besides the two (one for open and one for closed).

If you have too many Missed Call Text auto-messages set up, a customer could be receiving multiple messages - one for every auto-message that is set up to send for the timing of when the customer calls. If the When to Send setting is enabled for a Missed Call Text auto-message, it does not affect whether a caller gets a message, but when the caller will receive the message for their missed call.

Soon, the Missed Call Text auto-message settings will only include the option to choose open or closed office hours and the When to Send setting will be removed.

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