Auto Reminder Updates, Bulk Messaging Add-Ons, and More - October 2023

Auto-Reminder Updates

We're thrilled to announce a significant overhaul of our Auto Messaging Platform, delivering enhanced features and performance:

  • Comprehensive Number Reach: Reminder messages can now reach all numbers listed for a contact if desired, ensuring maximum communication.
  • Extended Hours and Send Time: Set reminder 'Hours' up to 96, and select exactly when to send a reminder within a specific send window.
  • Multi-Location Support: Businesses with multiple locations can create one reminder that can apply to multiple locations.
  • Editable Reminders: Edit reminder settings and the text within each reminder, all within the Weave Portal.
  • Reminder-Level Send Customization: Configure send times at the reminder level and save different reminder types with specific send configurations.

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New Bulk Messaging Add-Ons

Send more bulk messages each month by adding 10,000 or 15,000 more texts to your bundle within the Subscription section of the Weave Portal.

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Free Trials and Self-Upgrades

Users can now sign up for a free 30-day trial for selected products, providing users with the opportunity to evaluate our offerings without any obligations.

Notably, our Online Scheduling solution is now accessible for a free trial by all single-location offices, offering a no-strings-attached experience. In addition, our self-upgrade option allows users to seamlessly integrate Weave Online Scheduling into their existing Weave platform. Sign up directly in the Weave Portal and start receiving online appointment requests with Weave Online Scheduling.

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Our newly released Practice Analytics product is also available for a free 30-day trial and self-upgrade directly in the Weave Portal. For the time being, Practice Analytics is exclusively accessible to Dentrix and OpenDental single-location practices.

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Weave Insurance Verification Eligibility Report Updates

Improvements to the Eligibility Report updates allow for easier access to patient insurance information.

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Have up to 20 Devices per Call Queue

To address the growing demand for expanded device access in the Call Queue feature, we've recently doubled the limit from 10 to 20.

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New Integration with Booker by Mindbody

All customers using Booker can now access the full all-in-one communications platform built to work seamlessly with their business management software.

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NNew Integration with EMA by Modernizing Medicine

Weave’s new integration in the medical vertical allows all customers using EMA to access the full all-in-one communications platform built to work seamlessly with their EHR.

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