Take a look at how we make a better experience for your customers through Pre-Fill Fields when they fill out Digital Forms.

How does Pre-Fill Fields work?

Customers who have filled out a form for you previously can choose to have a one-time password sent to their mobile phone number and email while filling out a form or packet to verify their identity. Once the password is entered, Digital Forms will fill out most of the fields in the form for them based on their previous answers.

What fields will pre-fill?

Digital forms will pre-fill all fields except social security number, signature, E-signature, and card capture. Customized elements must match identically from form to form to pre-fill.

What does the one-time password look like?

Customers receive a 6-digit code to enter as the one-time password.

When can a customer request a new one-time password?

Resend is available 1 minute after a request. Each password is valid for 3 minutes.

What if a customer does not receive a one-time password after sending a request?

Make sure the customer's phone number and email are correct.

What type of Digital Forms requests allow Pre-Fill Fields?

Fields can be pre-filled in unique link requests including auto-reminders, forms sent through the legacy desktop app or Weave app (beta), and "I'll check in the patient" in Kiosk Mode.


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