Line Key Management, Download App Button, and More - September 2023

Line Key Management

A new self-service option, Line Key Management, will transform your phone management experience. This feature gives you the power to manage your deskphone configurations independently, allowing you to quickly dial the numbers you call most.

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Delete Medical History Forms for Eaglesoft customers

Eaglesoft offices that use Digital Forms will have the ability to delete any form from their list, including medical history forms now.

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Bulk Texting Increased Batch Limits

The maximum number of recipients per campaign has been raised from 1,000 to 5,000. This improvement is designed to better accommodate customers with substantial allocations and extensive campaigns, enabling them to connect with a broader audience. Additionally, the CSV Upload limit has been increased to 5,000, further streamlining the campaign creation process.

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Customer CSV Upload Updates

The Customer CSV Upload page has been redesigned and relocated from the Data Source Page. To add multiple contacts to Weave at once, log in to the Weave portal, go to the Customers tab, and then click CSV Upload. From here, you can upload a CSV file of your contacts list.

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Download the Weave Desktop & Mobile App

You now have the option to download the Weave Desktop App or the Weave Mobile App directly from the Weave Portal. Simply log in to the Weave Portal, navigate to the homepage, and click the "Download Weave App" button to initiate the download process. For each computer station requiring access to Weave, you will need to download the Weave Desktop App separately.

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Install the Self-Sync for Revolution Cloud

You can now self-install your own practice management sync with Weave. We have just started with Revolution Cloud, and we will be adding more practice management systems to the self-install sync apps in the coming months. The ability to self-install the Sync App may not be available for your practice management system at this time. If this is the case, you will receive a message to contact your onboarding specialist or support for assistance.

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Voicemail Transcriptions in the Mobile App & Notifications Landing Page

Stay connected with your office even when you're on the move by leveraging the power of voicemail transcription, conveniently accessible within the mobile app. You can also now read the transcription by clicking on the text or email notification link.

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Digital Forms Template Expansion

Six more templates have been added to the Digital Forms library to make creating your forms a breeze.

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Practice Analytics

Boost your office's production and revenue with Weave's Practice Analytics. This powerful feature visualizes the flow of revenue within your bustling dental practice, providing you with immediate insights into untapped revenue opportunities.

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